Anna Vogelzang has been making songs since 2000, playing them in public since 2003, and driving them around the country since 2007. Her melody-driven, multi-instrumental folk-pop ballads have been met with warm reviews (9/10, PopMatters) & landed her at festivals, conferences, and on bills with some of her heroes, including Sara Bareilles, Gillian Welch, Mirah, Anais Mitchell, Laura Gibson, Wye Oak, Steve Poltz, Amanda Palmer, & many more. Anna is currently touring in support of the Driftless EP, a home-spun, steadfast collection of gritty new-folk songs, many of which were written in 2014 as part of the song-a-week project RealWomenRealSongs. In 2015, she will return to the studio to work with prouducer Todd Sickafoose on her fifth LP. Vogelzang plays the banjo, ukuleles, guitar, and kalimba on stage, but has always been a singer who loves words and feelings first and foremost.

“It’s tempting to describe her voice in terms typically reserved to describe forces of nature.” – The Capital Times.

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2014 Appearances on Wisconsin Public Television: 30 Minute Music Hour
& Wisconsin Public Radio: Simply Folk
2014 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards Nominee: Singer/Songwriter of the Year

2013 Madison Area Music Awards:
Unique Performer of the Year

2012 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival:
Songwriter Showcase Performer

2012 International Acoustic Music Awards Finalist
2012 Telluride Troubadour Contest Alternate
2011 Isthmus Top 10 Songs and Albums of the Year

2011 Madison Area Music Awards: Unique Album of the Year & Cover Song of the Year
2010 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist
2010 National Women’s Music Festival Talent Competition Winner, 2011 Mainstage

“The Wisconsin troubadour has a penchant for playfulness when it comes to her music; however, when she gets serious, few craft a better folk song.” THE HUFFINGTON POST

“Vogelzang is one of the blossoms in the fertile field of Madison new-folk practitioners. She has an infectious, hearty singing voice and switches with joy between banjo, ukulele and guitar.” WISCONSIN PUBLIC TELEVISION

“Madison, Wisconsin’s Anna Vogelzang has a voice that can knock down a listener, clashing from a sweet, nearly conversational tone into a confident country-girl howl.” PERFORMER MAGAZINE

“The exquisite lyrical craftsmanship on Canary in a Coal Mine is matched by Vogelzang’s incredible vocal range, evoking everyone from Regina Spektor to Ani DiFranco, shifting between delicate lilt and evocative howl at will.” 9/10 Stars POP MATTERS

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